[Music by Kustner, Lyrics by Sielck]

In a forgotten land
where evil is enthroned
the forces gathering
to retake what they have owned
10.000 men are standing side by side
10.000 knights are getting ready to fight

stand against the king
rebellion will begin
strike him down
burn the crown
blood is on his hands
justice to the land
no more lies
rebellion will arise

under the reign of fright
too many nights of blood and tears
the streets are rising up
know the time to strike is near
coming near

10.000 warriors are riding out
10.000 blades remove all traces of doubt

stand against the king

stand against the king
bring him down
smash the crown
rebellion will arise

bloodshed and atrocities
are lashing on the land
the word's been spread concealed
but know it's been revealed
the fate of the king is sealed
with a mighty crash of thunder
the opponents will collide
the blood toll will be high
but still it's worth to die
for freedom is what they defy

[solo by Piesel]

10.000 men are standing
side by side

stand against the king

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