(drumming and singing in the background)...
Oh..Oh! You cheeky! You slimeball! What did you do that for, you rotten terror Dave?
You f'king put my own voice and verbals in the... you know, they've heard me trying to
Sing this f'king song now.
Well how ya doing out there, you lot? Eh? Welcome yet again to Nicko's "not alot of
People know that, or knew that, or still don't... I don't know, whatever it is nowadays...
Number six." You are absolutely devastatingly spoiled, the lot of ya. You're out there in
Your greasy sweaty debauched horrible stinking little palms and fingers and all those
Horrible little bits and pieces that go on your hands... Are now the proudiest of possibly
The most amazed Iron Maiden fans to own 2 Minutes To Midnight, Rainbow's Gold, Mission
From 'Arry... hoho! We shall talk about that later... And as you heard, that rotten Dave
There will be tiddling the knobs in the control room, decided to wack the microphone on...
Aces High, King Of Twilight, Number Of The Beast live! Oh you gosh, you've got such a
Package there! How can you still be sane, after this? I mean, goodness gracious, listen
To me, I've been playing it for six years! Hahahaa! Anyway, no!
Oh gosh, (sings) two minutes to midnight.... cha! Released the 6th of August 1984. My
Third single with the band. I guess that must make the band's eleventh or tenth single,
Whenever. Don't f'king write in and say, "Nicko got it wrooong." or else I'll... (hits the
Microphone)... give you some of that! And, it got to number 11 in the charts and this
Great British... oh by the way, earlier on I was thinking of trying to think... you know we
Had the Bleeding Bojack Company, which we all know who that is by now, right? Now
There was another company that I sort of mentioned prior to this little speech I'm giving
To you now, and I won't actually tell you who it was, but the kind of... the... the

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