What ho.... sed de ting!
Welcome to "not alot of people know that, part 5." Yes, you lot out there, ah you're so
Lucky again! How can you be getting so lucky, my God! Flight of Icarus in those grubby
Dirty by now horribly sticky little fingers and hands and grubby palms, and oh what else is
Grubby, I don't know. Flight Of Icarus, I've Got The Fire! Wooo, I have right now thinking
About this, oh my goodness the memories for this, my very first exotic jaunt over to the
Island of Jersey, followed by a swift little airplane ride 3000 kilometres due...east of
Ah...well no, no, got that wrong, due west of Watford. My goodness, I go the wrong way
And get to bleedin Russia, it'd be all over. Yes, due west of Watford, 3000 odd bloody
Miles -- forget this kilometre stuff, where do you think you are, bleedin France? No
Thanks very much, I'm right here!
Anyway, Flight of Icarus, doo dee doo! Flight Of Icarus, my first single, released the 11th
Of April 1983, chart position number eleven...da de de da! Didn't quite get to number ten,
Did it? Anyway, my first record with the band...I starred in the video! Did you see that?
Did you see that handsome geezer with the blue chops? Wasn't half cold out there!
Anyway no! We did this...ah, fantastic! First trip to Jap... uh... from Jersey to Nassau to
Do the album, we had five weeks rehearsal in Jersey....well, we had two weeks really
Because ended up three weeks partying at the bar. My goodness, we had the only
24-hour bar on the island, and we ah...funnily enough we managed to cram 25 hours in a
Day, hahaha! So there we are, fifteen days before we're supposed to leave....fifteen
Days! We hadn't even written any...well, the boys had written some....but we really
Hadn't rehearsed anything cause we was partying to much and having a good time, and
All that good stuff. So there you are, we get this....most of the song's written, get to
Jersey, boom!
Oh, by the way, when we first arrived in Jersey, the first place we went to was a place

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