Here on terra firma
The violence is spreading
The walls are collapsing
Into your back yards

Here on terra firma
The fires are raging
The riots up staging
To prove a point to none
Here on terra firma
The fear is choking
The life out of each and every one

Here on terra firma
Where TV is King
Where a black man with the same name
Had a televised beating

It's not too late
Yeah it's never too late
To heal these wounds
That are fatal to the end
To understand our sins
To make amends

See 'em down in hell
Must turn back the tide
This hatred must be stopped
Let's throw our arms out wide
And the dead are breaking in
When your world comes to an end
Will you say you did all could
And then just hang your head

Why not believe
In the good of man
Not bricks and burn
Take all that you can
To love your fellow man
With all of your heart
As you would yourself
We must try not to stand above
And hate you go to hell
Put love in your heart
God is not some TV show
Our life is not some part
Try to believe
That only good will come
If you give not to receive
That is kingdom come

Here on terra firma
The violence is spreading
Spread to your back yard

Here in firma terror
Leads to hatred and unrest
Not only can we beat it
No, that would be best

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