Turn around, look at me
I'll tell you what's bothering me!
Where's responsibility?
Do we have the same ideas?
The abject sense of humour
That you're trying forcing through
Exceed my patience and I'll might
Point you own gun right at you!

Pursuit of a rising necessity
The feelings that nobody believes
Errors in the ways of humanity
Collision of the topics never needed

The intractable attitude
Shows the clear diffidence
Needless talk I can't take
All your so-called friends
Vilification is the symbol of
Your own stupidity
So feel a lot more sensible
When you think you're arguing with me!


[Lead: Hansen, Schultz]

Take your stupid money
Go to hell, turn my back, I don't care
As long as I'm alive
You'll soon be aware of me
Your way to behave
Show a clear affinity to the scum
So just insult me while you can
I think you'll surely regret your mistake!


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