severed forever, i`m never getting up again
i`ve breathed in life - don`t want this to ever end
stolen glance and I can`t to save the end of me
temptation fills the house - sin of iniquities
cast shadows walk into my light
all my soul consumed by pride
i`ve feared the heavens for far too long
await this moment with open arms
denied ascent, forbitten salvation
this blind contmpt can`t go unanswered
on my knees, i can`t breath
in this infernal damnatio
seasons in the size of days, i wait
confined by salvation`s malevolence
to decide my fate
all alone, i call your near
you`ve shown compassion...and sincere
look at the place that i`m in
blanked by your prejudice, your fears, your ignorance
still, in the corner i see them stalking me
they taste the cowardice in the air
enhancing their hunger, they move in closer
terror blinds, salvation`s gratitude confines
i can almost feel the demon
ingested soul
i`ve sworn eternal vengeance
to the deceit that let me go
revere the hatred in his eyes
before my turn never arrives
avenge my soul, unjustly sized
i`ve looked and i`ve tried
can`t see the reason
between the lies
baptisms curse involves entirely
casting upon an immense dedision
saviours scorn, crown of thorns

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