From: Jorge Valente [[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, December 19, 1997 4:29 PM

Song: Black Roses
Performer: Inner Circle
Author of Song: Calton Coffie
Submitted by: Jorge Valente ([email protected])

by Inner Circle

(Bb)Whatever happened to my g(Bbmaj7)arden of black ro(Gm)ses
Oh n(Eb)urturing years of so long (F)
(Bb)Whatever happened to my g(Bbmaj7)arden of black r(Gm)oses
They say a st(Eb)ranger treated them wr(F)ong

(Bb)When I was a boy(Bbmaj7) I planted a ga(Gm)rden yeah
That mea(Eb)nt so much to me(Dm7)
(Eb)One of reality(F)
(Bb)A garden of love(Bbmaj7) none like this(Gm) before me
One of a k(Eb)ind equality(Dm7)
A pra(Eb)yer for you and me(F) wo ho ho ho ho


(Bb)If we can keep(Bbmaj7) the candles bur(Gm)ning
To shel(Eb)ter them from pa(Dm7)in and let(Eb) them live again(F)
(Bb)Shower the world(Bbmaj7) with their inn(Gm)ocence
Who's tea(Eb)rs felt like ra(Dm7)in, history(Eb) remains the same(F) wo ho
ho ho ho

(Gm)But one by one they come up mi(Eb)ssing
(Gm)Strangers thought that I was sl(Eb)eeping
(Gm)Some life somelife means noth(Eb)ing to some
(Gm)Watch out now we've g(Eb)ot them on the run(F)

repeat chorus and fade........ LONG LIVE REGGAE RIDDIM

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