When i let you go, i cursed myself with empty hands.
Strong enough to watch you walk, but not enough to
Understand. with spiteful eyes you burn for my grace. i
Was trying to stand outside of this, you were trying to
Save face.

Chorus: you can say that i don't care, i don't care. you
can hope that we still have something left to
share. just between you, baby and me, there's
nothing there.

I finally found someone that i can hold. you ask me to
Defend myself, as if i shouldn't be so bold. get that
Look off of your face. i don't have the time, you don't
Have the place.


What are you gonna do? i can't salvage any truth for
You. everybody else already knows and it hurts you to
Realize so leave well enough, enough alone . . .

You don't need my hands to help you understand, you
Don't need to hear my voice (you have no choice). so
Don't begin throwing stones, the closer we get, the
Harder they come. even if your feeling alone, don't
Come home. when it was up to you, you left it up to me.

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