Kelly mountain road
Saw a heavy load
With a sagging heart
And a break apart
Voices in me
Stood as thick as thieves
With no sympathy
For the beggars art
I have passed these pines
'bout a million times
Now i grip the wheel
Fear is what i feel
At the slow unraveling of
(slow unraveling of)

But you tell me it's temporary
(tell me it's temporary)
It's a matter of time
(it's a matter of time)
By god
Don't you think i know it's in my mind
(in my mind)
And it's right over left
(right over left)
And healing the then
(healing the then)
I'll soon be to nothing
But i don't know when

Well the way i flee
On my crooked feet
Barn happy horse
On a one-track course
Then i self despise
Cryin' out my eyes
'cause the happy trail
Led me to remorse,
But the road is long

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