I'm in search of greener pastures, don't like my
Garden's what i said, although i'm working harder than
Last year, i'm still deep in the red, i am rowing as hard
As i can, and they're selling me up a stream, i'm always
One more step away from the american dream. i got a
Chip on my shoulder about the size of a mental block,
I've got someone on the telephone trying to sell me a
Future in stock, maybe i work too hard to be happy,
And i should practice letting go, but it's hard not to
Rock the boat when you're sailing against the

Chorus: i want to slide into the black and wear the
black mask, i might not get what i lack, but it
doesn't hurt to ask if i want to sail, i need my
life to be breezier i said, please, god, or
someone, make it easier

I went to sunday school every sunday swallowed the
Bait and i got the hook and when i needed something
Someday i would read the good book. tell me, what
Does it take to get ahead? sometimes i know i'd sell
My soul when it looks like everybody else is flying,
And i'm crawling in the hole maybe if i open my own
Business, maybe if i buy a lottery ticket, someone
Tell me what is the secret to getting out of the thicket?
Give me more than just a sample, i need a whole lot of
Glory then my life become an example of the american
Success story.


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