You said the world was magic
I was bright-eyed and laughing
We were dancing up to the bright side
Forget about your ego
Forget about your pride
And you will never have to compromise

But you were only joking

Talk about mothers kissing the wounds of our fathers
I would have been your sister
I could have been your brother
You kissed me like I was a soldier heading for war
I died in Nam but I don't know what for

And you were only joking

Gravel and glass on the bottom of my feet
I bruised my heels on the swollen streets
We were girls in bars

We were boys on the town
Bumping like a pinball off a careless crowd
You said good friends are hard to come by
I laughed and bought you a beer 'cause it was too corny to cry
Sentiment given and sentiment lost
You shake it off with a smirk and a toss

Cause you were only joking.

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