I'm not always like this.
It's something I become.
A terrible weakness...
in my nature, in my blood.
Save me, oh save me...save me from myself.
Before I hurt somebody else again.
Domino motion jump starts when we touch.
The blackout approaching,
here it comes now, wish me luck.
It's all over, it's all over...it's all over in a flash.
I can't remember,
what have I done now?
Go, faster, wider, more.
Get it down, you dance.
Take me over glittering cloud...
Oh, my head hurts...
Oh dear, oh dear.
It's all over the papers
On the TV, wagging tongues
The artist's impression looks just like me
only... better
Don't blame me, don't maim me, I can't help what I am
Oh, Lord knows i've tried to
Go go faster wider
More more get it down ya
Dance dance take me over
Glittering Cloud

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