***Here's a joint to burn to take you to the point of no return/
Haters looking so concerned/it seems like they'll never learn/but continue to yearn/ to see a young nia get burned/ so I'm giving them a reason/to make them heads turn.
Got them wheezin' and sneezin'/ lyrics infecting like a germ/
So while what I'm speaking gots you grievin'/ it gots my green growing like a fern...
***Yo' chit chatter got me ready to splatter/your brain matter/blasting off like the Madd Hatter/making ants scatter/while the pockets in my pants, fatter/rising to the top with no need of a ladder/flows get dropped/making you bleed like a dagger.../went through you and cut between yo' chest platter/Fool,who do you think I be,Mic Jagger?/continously rushing like a Green Bay Packer/thinking I was bluffing/now they call me the life jacker/paper stacker/come against me and get crushed like a cracker/There are many factors/that make me a little bit badder/than your average,everyday playa in ten and a half size DADAS/ For now ,check the status/while flyin' to Dallas/rippin' through shows on the microphone/leaving you clothes in a bunch of rags and tatters... Peace!!

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