Your like a bug,
Crawlin through my brain,
You ate my feelings,
And made me go insane,
And its all bacuse
I would not
Would not
Sustaine my feelings

Driving me wild and insane
Iguess you didnt like that
You always like to play those games,
You always wanted it and if i didnt i was to blame,
It wasnt easy let me asure you
I guess u didnt find it easy eith beacyse (because)
I would not
Would not
Sustaine my feelings
Sustaine, sustaine, sustaine

Its a thing you cannot trust in, thats what you said,
Im just with you for a while,
Well that guy over there gives me a smile,
Im just with you for the ride
Yeah, But now i kno the truth
You couldnt sustaine your feelings either

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