Six Dollas in my wallet,
Gotta get me back home,
Six Dollars In my wallet
Gotta stop losing control,
Its time i put my foot down,
And started going on a roll,
Stopped getting high,
Cos im real fed up of seeing you fly by,
Gotta get back home,
Gotta stop losing control,

six dollars in my wallet,
Gotta get me back home,
My tanks running on empty,
And im losing control,
Got six dollars in my back pocket,
My wallet got sold,
Made three cents,
Found dime that got me home,

Someone else got my six dollars,
Someone took me home,
Caught a bus on he main road,
Hitchiked the rest back home,
Six dollars in my back pocket,Just bought my self a new wallet,
NOow im back home,
No longer losing control

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