Captain: Galecto Inspector, do you read me?
Galecto: Yes Captain.
Captain: Status?
Galecto: Completed.
Captain: Your mission was to land on the dirt ball and explore it thoroughly.
You were to monitor the activities of a common life on the dirt ball and study
people's lifestyles; their general habits of living in their strange society.
Galecto: Yes.
Captain: Have you done that Galecto Inspector:
Galecto: Yes I have Captain.
Captain: Very well, may we have your report?
A strange place this dirt ball is
A lot of guns a lot of rich folk spittin' on bums
A lot of hoodlums.
These are just the bums that are really pissed off
Captain: Why?
Galecto: Probably cuz they've been ripped off
By the system.
Captain: Oh.
They ride around in little cars
And throw folk behind bars
Like little rars
They're supposed to be there just to serve and protect
But they just punch faces lot, and choke necks
Then they got the higher ups they call da judges
And they rule the land
This I don't understand
First of all they like to dress this bitch up in a robe
On top of all that
Captain: What?
Galecto: He's mad old.
Captain: Oh.
And he hates anybody that lives different than he did
Back when he was a kid
But that shit was like 400 years ago
Captain: Yes Galecto
Galecto: I just don't know
Any kid that was going to jail
Captain: Yeah...
Galecto: He'd look me dead in the face and say "stale"
Then my cloaking device must've went dead
Captain: Why?
Galecto: Cuz that old ass judge looked at me and said...
This is our world, this is our world, this our world
So get the fuck out
This is our world, this is our world, this is our world
So get the fuck out
Captain: Very interesting, thank you Galecto Inspector.
Now probes Data (day-ta) and Data (da-ta) do you read me?
Both: Yes, here sir.
Captain: What information were you able to gather for us on your recent voyage to
the dirt ball?
Prof. Data (da-ta): This is Professor Data.
My transmission signal is weak and communications shattered.
We came in contact with several different specimens of life.
Dr. Data (day-ta:
Everything has gotta price even if it's wrong or right.
Upon sight, people judge and stereotypes
Their forms of government and religion are glorified.
Prof. Data:
Purified as the waters that are now polluted
Members of the flock recruited for duty locked up or instituted.
Dr. Data:
This is Dr. Data
I phased with the planet to see how they medicate her
She's high off the cane
Depending how you slang
You can get most anything
From a nickel bag of grain
To a lucy worth of cane
Prof. Data: Maintain communications, Data here again.
Their leader is determined by the vote of many men.
Although he's only human, and slightly overweight
He controls and manipulates their whole United States.
Dr. Data:
I called to the White Castle
Secret Service on the phone giving me a hassle
He said the information I requested was denied.
Before he hung up the phone he took a deep breath, stopped and replied:
Captain: Judging by the information so far collected, the dirt ball may not be
the ideal place to land our craft.
After receiving this information we'll make the final judgment.
Fleek, are you there?
I'm here, but hold up Captain
Cuz this ain't good
I'm getting chased by some fat rednecks in white hoods
I think they're trying to kill me
Captain: Well what do you mean?
It's seems they've gotta problem with the fact that I'm green.
I guess on the dirt ball they all hate each other
If it ain't where you're from, it's your skin color.
Let me get my lasertron out
Hold up
Captain: What was that?
I smoked them all.
But what really fucking turns my tentacles
Is there relationships
They swell each other's lips
I see men that ain't shit in their daily life
So they come home drunk
And beat their wife
She forgives him when he said he didn't mean it
You ask me they can both suck my petty lip
I give up Captain
Beam me back to Belazoovoo
Oh, another thing they love to watch horror movies
But you're not allowed to be scary on a CD
They tried to ban this one group ICP
I went and seen them in concert
Jay grabbed me by the head
Then he took his microphone and said:

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