We're fuel, yeah yeah we're fuel
We're really energetic and we get all the credit
We're fuel, yeah ice blue fuel

If you're walking down the hall
And you're looking for a pass
Don't come to us
Or we'll kick you in the ass


If you're walking down the street
And you hear the rhythm
And it's beat
You know that Fuel's been near


If you hear the frogs a croakin'
And you hear the cows a mooin'
You know that Fuel's been there
So ya' beta start cookin'


If you want to be at all like Fuel
You beta' finish your elmentry' school.
We are da bomb, too good for you
So take your things, and get a clue.

Don't mess wit us
Cuz' we can't get messed.
You try to beat us, but we're the best.
We're ice we're blue, we're even fuel
You don't have a chance
We're waaaaaay too cool

Chorus x2

Ice ice ice ice
Blue blue blue blue
Fuel fuel fuel fuel

Chorus x3

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