(Verse 1)
Time is the only obstacle for me to hold you,
And all these emotions inside of me are waiting to set me free.
How can I prove to you that you're all I need, and I need you in my life?
Come on let me be the one to make you smile. Oh, oh baby.

Let me be the one to hold you. (To hold you)
Let me be the one to bring you joy.
Let me be the one to love you. (To love you)
Let me be the one forevermore.

(Verse 2)
I know you've been broken many times before. I'll show you,
That I understand what you're going through and I know that it's hard for you.
Love is the cure for all your symptoms of heartbreak.
Test me with your love I promise no mistakes. Oh yeah.


Give me your hand I'll show you all you need to know.
Just come to me. I'll be the air you need to breathe.
We'll take a journey to a place where we belong,
All I ask is to be the one.

(Chorus x2)
fade out

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