Aint It Strange
All The Colours Of The Rainbow
Another Kind Of Love
Beauty On The Beach
Big Bug
Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit
Dark Side Of The Room
Do Right Bayou
Endless Day Endless Night
Facts + Figures
First Bus To Babylon
Five Miles High
Gingerbread Girl
Golden Brown
Henry Moore
Hot Cat On A Tin Roof
Hot Head
House Of Sorrow
I Don't Mind
Irate Caterpillar
Land Of A Thousand Kisses
Lay Back On Me Pal
Long Dead Train
Losers In A Lost Land
Love In Your Eyes
Make It With You
Miss Teazyweezy
Mr. Insignificant
My Kind Of Loving
Nerves Of Steel
One Burning Desire
One Day At A Time
Picked Up By The Wind
Putting You In The Shade
Rhythmic Itch
The Big Sleep
The Prison's Going Down
The Story Of Harry Power
The Story Of He And She
Torture Garden
Turn Your Body Down
Under Her Spell
Wasted Tears
Wrong Way Round