I'm not sure aboout ALL the words, but most of them are right. For all you
Howie Day fans out there...this guy rocks!

Calcutta streams and porchlight
Where we opened up our party gifts
And you fell down the stairs on prurpose
And you drived to Europe in the rain
Your hair's done up, but no one's gonna see youu
Well, maybe you should drive me home, (home)

What could be so wonderful about this?
What could be so wonderful?
Half-light wakes you up the morning after
Fall down with me, come on around now
Good is gold, but so is he
But he still wants his way too kind
When you walk in the morning after
Looking good you know it
Yeah, yeah yeah

Find out about the music, has the CD jammed
Upside down
I'd really to field you at center
And we're sitting on city bench
Together in the tourist town
If the (?) were here, you'd be in it, (in it)


Closing my eyes, and I'm spinning
Spinning away, away
I don't know if I should stay but
Worked to hard to when you say
It's ok, it's ok, it's ok

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