No, he won't go drinkin' with his friends no more
Yes, he will do his share of all the chores
He feels guilty about the kids he doesn't see
But he'll try to make it up to the family
Yes, he understands you need your room to breathe
Yes, of course he'll do the minding in your hour of need
No, he won't start leering when your friends [go/come] 'round
No, he won't go to those shows when he's out of town
Yes, he's a New Man, he's the rage
Yes, he's a New Man, turned a new page
No, he won't try to make out that he's the boss
He will try to [show a/share the] love, and share the cost
No, he won't override you if you're not in the mood
He will try to adopt a [tender/gentle] attitude
Instrumental break

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