I'm sick demented
I came to represent it
I rose from the grave
I had a close shave
The cops tried to lock me down
'cause the gloc they found
Was stolen
Thats how I'm rollin'
Calvin Klein's no friend of mine
So I don't like Marky
Or the monarchy
Don't start me up like a rolling stone
Or I'll leave ya sulkin like Maculay Culkin in Home Alone

So get a grip like Steven Tyler
I used to trip with the divine styler
Back in the days there were Irish ways
And Irish laws, stand up for the cause

When it's time to rock a funky joint
I'm on point
When it's time to rock a funky jam
I'm the man

(Danny Boy)
Well it's the D to the A, double N Y BO
Y, cause I rock shit like I run it in you
It's a black day, avenge quick run get the vest ?
I'm down with the Hill cause I still got the skill
To turn the party out
Its all about the skyscraper
Your girl caught the vapors
So I might videotape her
I make a lot of papers so I don't have to scrape the
Bottom of the barrel
I rock fly apparel
Now I could pull your car
Stating up the Harley David - son
I got the gun, so the drama, you could save it

Well it's the mad bum rushin'
Funky with percussion
From LA to Flushing
I get your girlie blushin'
I'll cutcha like a butcher,
Well it ain't Joe the writer (?)
The old rock a loop cause I'm super like Schneider


I'm ill, retarded
So don't get me started
I might lose my cool
Ya lose if we do
Cause I can stomp a hole in the soul of a monk
With the rhymes in my head and the beats in my trunk
I got skill kid
And I run the mill kid
For all its worth, I'm gettin mines on Earth
So step to the next head
Or like Sadat X said
'He's gone and that's how it flows to be
Don't stand so close to me!'


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