Outta the woods,Outta the shack,
From across the tracks,
In her Pontiac,Jump back,
The Bubba's are comin,
No more shook and jive

Rebels yell for the honky tonk life,
Layin out all night, the neon lights,
Bar fight and gettin buck wild,
Run but you can't hide

Heeeeeyyyyy, we gotta say,
Redneck revolution,
A long time comin,
We are resurrecting the institution,
So if you want a little more information,
Tune in to your redneck radio station


Come on down here Yankee man,
The Dixie land, will stick a beer in your hand,
Join the band, let the good times roll,
show you outlaw pride,
we don't give a damn what religion or race,
we don't hate, grab a plate,
and give it a taste
we're servin it up y'all,
hot apple pie


We want you,
We want you,
come on,
we want you
and you, and you and you, and you, and you

We gotta say,


we gotta say,
redneck revolution,
redneck revolution,
redneck revolution,
redneck revolution

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