I'm mesmerized, a servant of the light, servant to the red and blue, the green, yellow and white. They linger in so lovingly to songs so gay i SCREAM!!! brighter than the stars themselves and sweeter than ice cream. the masses meld, the titans come, a crowd torn asunder to a quivering mass, they smile down to me and devour my face and hEAD!!!!! and everything - was washed away, i was bathed in a light screaming i won't break! WHITE!!!!! PUREST LIGHT!!! clean again but limited. aahhgfhgkuuuuuuukgfffffkluklyfj!!!!!! illu min ated hun gry smiles ca ter pillars and croc o diles light bulb flash pulse bright night bright light- everyone's fucked THINGS NEVER CHANGE just re-arrange like a suicide it's do or die IT'S COMING DOWN AGAIN like a grain of sand it's in your eye now you're blind.

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