(tabbed by by Marc Virata ,
Steve Vetter ,
[email protected],
and Paul Hutchinson )

Intro: |Dsus2 |A/D | x2

Dsus2 A/D
Alone, as I sit and watch the trees
Dsus2 A/D
Won't you tell me if I scream, will they bend down and listen to me
Bm A
And it makes me wonder if I'll know the words when you come
Or will you laugh at me or will I run?

Little boy says to me "Where you goin' now, son?"
I said "I don't know where I'm goin' boy
I only know where I'm from."
And it makes me wonder if the stars shine when my eyes close
Or does my brother's heart cry, oh I don't know

I'm a stranger in my home
Now that everybody's gone
G Bm Bm7
Someone please talk to me cause I feel you cry
And you're sitting with him and I know I'll never see you again

Lying down in Charleston underneath the Carolina sky
You see I'm tired of feeling this pain
I'm tired of livin' my own little lie
And it makes me wonder when I see you in my dreams
Does it mean anything, are you trying to talk to me?

I'm a stranger in my home
Tell me, are you feeling alone?
Someone tell me what to do,
'Cause I'm feeling strong
And I wonder how you feel
G F#m Em
Does he realize, my pain is for real

I see you in my dreams
Asus A7 Bm Bm7
and I wonder if you're looking down at me and smiling right now
A G Bm
Oh yeah I wanna know if it's true, when he looks at me
Bm7 Asus
Won't ya tell me, does he realize,
he came down here, and he took you to soon, oh

And now my days are short and my nights are long
I lay down out with memories of you, that keep me going on, going on
Now I know that it makes me wonder, as I sit and stare,
Will I see your face again - tell me, do you care?

I'm a stranger in my home
Livin' life on my own
Right now I just can't see
'Cause I'm feeling weak
And my soul begins to bleed
And no one's listening to me
Not even the trees

Chords: Dsus2-xx0230 A/D-xx0220 Bm-x24432 A-x02220 G-320033
F#m-244222 Em-022000 Asus-x02230 A7-x02223 Bm7-x24235

Intro riff:
+ + + + + + + +

This is played over the first half of the verses, twice before each verse,
and four times at the end of the song.
The following is played over the second half of the first verse:
+ + + + + + + + + +

At the end of the other verses, going into the chorus, rather than holding
the G chord, play the following:
+ + + + + + + + + + + +
|-----------------|-2-------2-2-2-2---2-----|-0-------0-0-0-0-----0---| etc

Note that after the first verse, there are three guitars on the recording
doing their own thing - but since there isn't really anything fancy enough
to justify wasting a lot of space tabbing them all out, the chord
formations shown above make a reasonable arrangement for one guitar.
However, do note that over the verse riff, one of the other guitars
(an acoustic) uses these chords: Dsus2-xx0235 A/D-xx0225

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