Misunderstood by all but a few
You hope to overcome the demons chasing you
Tempted to give in and weary from the chase
The conflict in your soul shows in lines on your face
Telling of a tale that only you believe
To others who in pity watch
But soon will rum their hacks and leave
To many there's no hope
Except survive against the cruel World
Disown the cause of all the problems
They're your children soon forgotten
Reminded of the things
That no one likes to think about
By poor, downtrodden people
Living in discarded waste
Go home to barred and shuttered windows
Keep the thieves and beggars out
Tl11pped by fear inside a fortress
Built by your own hands of hate
Nothing for those outside the circle of society
So lock the door and cock the rifle
Sitting, waiting, patiently
Looking for a moving target
In this wind blown no man's land
That once was home to all your children
Who left escaping prison's hars
They now are part of those outside
And hated from behind closed doors
The parents who once loved them
Care not if they see the cause
Won't admit that they are still alive
Life seems hopeless is it just us? (justice)

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