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This is "Miss World" from Hole's "Live Through This"
Move this power chord on the frets as numbered:
first finger two frets above the fourth finger, 6th and 5th strings:
"I am the girl you know..."
3, 5, 8,10 (fret #)
"I'm Miss World..."
From: [email protected]
"Miss World" by Hole
from Live Through This
The riff is based off of a moving G chord and a moving Cadd9 chord. I'm not
sure about the intro, but from watching unplugged it's some finger picking
pattern of D, ??, C, G. my guesses for the 'unknown' chord are A or Asus4.
G (320033) A (540055) B (760077)
E (x7607x) D (x5405x) Cadd9 (x32030)
it goes like this:
G A B E D Cadd9
i'm miss world some-body kill me
(play the notes with downstrokes, hitting only the lower notes on the first
few strokes.)
the chorus is basically the same thing, but there's another guitar in there
that seems to follow the pattern a little differently and i have no clue what
it plays.
here's my guess at the lyrics, which as always have an 85% chance of being
totally wrong : p
i'm miss world
somebody kill me
kill me pills
no one cares, my friends
i'm miss world
watch me break and
watch me burn
no one is listening, my friends
i'll make my bed [and] i'll lie/die/cry in it
kill grrrls watch (or is it "pee grrrls"?)
he sucked me under
maybe forever, my friends

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