Poison Girl from Razorblade Romance (Valo de Ville)
F#m 244322
Bm 224432
D X755XX (power)
A 755XXX (power)

Intro an chorus(with distortion):
F#m Bm D A Bm
e -------------------------------------------------------
b ----2--------------------------------------------------
g --2----4-2-1-------------------------------------------
d --------------4-2--------------------------------------
a -------------------4-2-0-------------------------------
E ---------------------------4-2-------------------------
repeat Intro
repeat Riff
repeat Chorus

The last part I think it's something like this:
F#m Bm F#m Bm F#m Bm
Poison girl Poison Girl Poison Girl
D A Bm
Love's heart is dead for me and my---y
F#m Bm
Poison Girl in this poison world
By Albert
[email protected]

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