...Don't Kill Me Again
All I Want
Atlantis Part II_ "The Dreamer And The Deep O
Atlantis Part I_ "Beneath A Silent Sky"
Back From Hell
Bloodwar in Heaven
Breath Of Eternity
Burning Desire
Dancing With Destiny
Dream Chaser
Far From The Light Of God
Frozen Heaven
Land of Eternal Ice
Le Rouge Et Le Noir (I'm My Worst Enemy)
Medusa's Coil
Moonlight Romance
Pegasus Fantasy (Bonus)
Perpetual Fury
Phoenix's Fire
Sand in the Wind
Scarlet Tears
Show Me Your Kingdome
Stone Shaped Minds
Stream Of Illusions
Tears Of Darkness
The Eclipse
The Hand Of God
Through the Wind
We Are Gods
When The Aurora Falls...
Where My Hero Lies
Will of a King
You'll Never Be Lonely
Your Story Too