Hersanity ft. The Lox
The lox rappin'
Screw dis
let me take you where da drinks is stronger
4o'clock's threw hittin it
Nights is longa
And I dont pull up wit nothin european
I come straight up from Rean
Who be out
you already know who da sheek be bout
And done drove in the best of whips
And I shop so much
she dont even wanna spend no chips
Jus the thug and his best
I'll be up in ya chest
Verse 1
Could it be
the way you look the way that you be touchin me
Sendin shivas up n' down my spine
Or could it be
the way you got me feelin' boy there's no denyin
Xclusive's what you are to me
You're Xclusive baba
No one can do me like you baba
No one can love me no one can hold me
And when I think of all the things you do
There's no one but you
Verse 2
Is it babe
the way you got me trippin got me so amazed
No one can do the things you do
or like the way
You be kissin on my body
boy there aint nobody
Xclusive's what you are to me
No one else in my life
feels my thoughts
on my mind
I hope you feel
The way that I do ...
Xclusive me and you
The Lox Rappin'
I pick them all up in hoopty's
the honey is bad
so tonight it's the coop out whip
And I usually come dirty
But tonight im fresh
come in through wit some Xclusive shit
I might sound sound like vanity
mommy is bad
I swear to god I think I might be losin my sanity
Picked up in da porche, skipped off da yot
Come back at had dinner at the Lizz to see
Jadakiss Rap
And I'm cool when there's honeys involed
But friend hate when I come around cause they know ther's honeys involved
Coop or da truck 23 or 20's involved
Might rain all day and be sunny tommorrow
But nobody can luv love you the way I do
Always do da right thing or atleast try to
On the way I put it on you it's Xclusive ma
All the talk from your friends do is loosless ma
Chorus til' end

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