Feelings come and go ­ I№ve never known
Something longs to grow ­ won№t let go
Spirits Њround my head ­ are whispering
I turn inside instead ­ of wondering

Deep inside of me ­ I know there№s got to be
A different kind of truth ­ that sets the spirit free
If I don№t wanna know ­ What№s written inside me
How could I see anything ­ How could I be anything ?

Restless minds have searched ­ long before
The truth will be the same ­ for evermore
The mightiness of trees ­ that you can feel
Can give you all you need ­ just listen still

Here is love and there is pain, it№s all around, it№s all the same
There№s nothing new that I could tell to you

But still there is the universe inside of us that never bursts
We might not know the meaning yeat, but I am sure we can№t reject
The truth that is in everything ­ that is and has been and will be

There is a long way to go ­ there is a high place to know
There is a world to go through ­ but there№s so much more to do
Until we№re home !

Deep inside of me ­ I know there№s ...

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