You hide, won№t fight
Avoid the daylight
Give in, won№t win
No try to make it right

Why don№t you stop crying
Stop your painful dying
Why don№t you give your life a sense

One game, one aim
But you№re always sleeping
One light so bright
In darkness you№re creeping

Why don№t you use your head
Step out of your warm bed
And stop being on anxious rat

Bridge :
Run - for your destination
Fly - to the sun
Don№t give a damn what the people may say
It№s like a chain on your leg
When you always look back
If you don№t risk anything one day you№ll pay

Chorus :
Don№t run for cover
Don№t cry alone
Make a step on your stairway
One step closer to what you live for
Don№t run for cover
Don№t throw away
The only chance that you got
To be the fire in a hot life you choose

No pride, no right ?
In your heart is more strength
You know, I know
Your destiny№s in your hand

Now you have this time
To survive don№t be blind
In this world where so many can№t see

Bridge :
Try - to catch the key
Make - that you can see
The light of your life your way to go

Repeat chorus

Solo : both / Kai / both / Kai

Repeat bridge / chorus

Typin' job done by Pierre-Jean Fontaine. July 31 1995.
I haven№t an Internet address, but you can write to me at :
Pierre-Jean Fontaine
Avenue Bel Horizon 48
B-1341 Ottignies

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