(Come with Jessie)

Prom is coming
It's on the 17th of May
And i got a message
I want to convay

I'll buy a nice suit
And you can wear a pretty dress
You will watch me dance
And then I am the best

Will you go to prom with me
(And dance [x6])

Slow dance
And fast dance
And clap out hands (clap, clap, clap)

My news will be so hard
You'll have to stand under the fan

Distance will e better
Then your favorit ice cream
I cut like a knife
And dance like a dream

[Chorus x2]

Lets go to prom
ahhh... let's go to prom
lets go to the prom [x2]

(I buy nothing
Jessie buy nothing)

[Chorus x4]

Come with Jessie

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