Architects Of The Apocalypse
Behind A Wall Of Silence
Betrayed Again
Biogenesis (Undo Creation)
Bleeding The Death
Case De Caboclo
Dying In Silence
Echoes (Intro)
Implore The Darken Sky
It Burns Within
Naked Among Wolves
Numbing The Pain
Of No Avail
Open Arms To The Future
Pass Away
Profane Believers
Stay The Course
The Dream Is Dead
The Drowned And The Saven
The Few Upright
The Final March
The Fire
The Fourth Crusade
The Greatest Gift Of God
The Martyr's Blood
The Only Truth
The Weapon They Fear
The Worlds In Me
To Harvest The Storm
To Inherit The Guilt
Tree Of Freedom
Tresspassing The Shores Of Our World
Voice Of The Voiceless
Whatever It May Take
Where Is The Light