There's a barge going by on the river.
Yellow against the blue.
There's a bus driving up along the bridge
And it's red like the color of new love.

Chorus: And I need new love
And I need true love.
And I need to be held.
And I need to be told
There's more to come.

There's a woman beside a window.
Quiet against the street.
There's a man beside a magazine stand.
Looks like he's waiting to meet some one.


And everything reminds me of you.
And everything reminds me of things we used to do.
Even though I miss you, I know we're through.
And I need to find something new.


There's a man playing guitar in the subway.
Gentle against the crowd.
There's a kid in the upstairs apartment.
Plays his recorder, wakes me up from above.


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