INTRO: Bm7 F#m7 G A (repeat)

(VERSE) You're a (Bm) polished diamond (G) (A)
Now you're (Bm) feeling kinda rough (A)
Yes I (Em7) know how long you been (F#m) searching
for the (Bm) perfect touch (G) (A)
You better (Bm) hear what I say
(A) I can (Em7) tell your eyes are (F#m) just about to
(G) give you away (A)

(CHORUS) Cause (Bm7) there's the girl
that (F#m7) you were after
(G) Feel your heart (A) beating faster now
(Bm7) There's the girl that (F#m7) you were after
(G) Can you say that (A) you don't
want her (Bm7) anymore



(BRIDGE) (A) I be (Em7) lieved you once (D/F#)
When (G) you explained (A)
That it (Em7) wasn't to tough (D/F#)
To for (G) get her (A) name


Bm7: x24232
F#m7: 242222
F#m: 244222
Em7: 022010
D/F#: 2x023x
Bm: x24432
G: 355433
A: 577655

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