Investigate the meaning of your sentence
What is it telling you
Where does it begin and where does it end
Question the nature of your orders
What do they want from you
A rendezvous upon the sound, the ears rev up,
The word goes round
Words are weapons of their will, the words can
Hurt, the words can kill
A burning phrase can burn a town, a syllable
Can bring you down
Their languages are coded, your image is eroded
Listen to the sound you heard, learn to fight
Against their word
Vocabularies of death, destruction in their breath
They use the lie, they use the myth, seek only to
Confuse and liberty abuse
The lies they tell are pretty and blow up another city
They steal away your freedom and your love
Their sentimental calling signs are calculatingly
Designed to rob you of your mind and time
And still you listen to...
The lulling drone of reassuring voices
Tunes to take away your choices
Make you slaves to fancy words and phrases
Until you're pushing up the daisies
They steal away your freedom and your love

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