He was crazy, of course
>From the first she must have known it
But still she went on with him
And she never once had shown
And she took him off the street
And she dried his tears of grieving
She listened to his visions
She believed in his believing

He was the sun burning bright and brittle
And she was the moon shining back his light a little
He was a shooting star
She was softer and more slowly
He could not make things possible
But she could make them holy

He was dancing to some music
No one else had ever heard
He'd speak in unknown languages
And she would translate every word
And when the world was laughing
At his castles in the sky
She held him in her body
Until he once again could fly
Oh and...


He took off east one morning
Towards the rising sun's red glow
She knew he was going nowhere
But of course she let him go
And as she stood and watched him dwindle
Much too empty to be sad
He reappeared beside her
Saying "You're all I've ever had"
Oh and...


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