Bess ,you is my woman now
You is, you is
And you must laugh and sing and dance
For two instead of one
Want no wrinkle on your brow
No how
Because de sorrow of de past is all done done
Oh Bess, My Bess. The real happiness has just begun

Porgy I am your woman now
I is, I is!
And I ain’t never going nowhere unless you shares the fun
There’s no wrinkle on my brow
No how
But I ain’t going! You hear me saying
If you ain’t going, with you I’m staying

Porgy I’m yo’ woman now
I’m yours forever
Morning time and evening time
Summer time and winter time

Morning time and evening time and
Summertime and winter time

Bess, you is my woman now and forever
This life is just begun
Bess, we two are one
Now and forever
Oh Bess , don’t min’ dose women

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