Now baby when you sigh
I wanna sigh with you
When you cry I wanna cry some, too
Now ain’t that love
Oh ain’t that love that
I feel in my heart for you

When your friend
Turns his back on you
I’ll be here
Just to see you through

Now ain’t that love
Ain’t that love
Ain’t that love ooohhh now
That I feel in my heart for you

Now when you walk
I wanna walk with you
When you talk
I wanna talk some, too

If you ever
Ever need a friend
I’ll be with you
Yes until the end

Baby won’t you let me hold your hand
I want to squeeze you just as tight as I can
Baby, don’t you need me by your side
To protect you and to be your guide
Baby, I’m so in love with you
I’d do anything you tell me to

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