Writen and sung by hank williams

(e7) how can (a) you refuse him nowhow can (e) you refuse him now
How can you turn away from his (b7) side
With (e) tears in his eyeson the (a) cross there he (e) died
How can you re - (b7) fuse jesus (e) now.

(e) there’s a story oldthat has (a) often been (e) told
Of how our savior (b7) diedas they (e) nailed his hands
He cried they (a) don’t under - (e) stand
As the blood flowed (b7) from his (e) side. (e7)

Repeat chorus

As he hung there on the treehe prayed for you and me
There was no one his pain to ease
Be - fore he diedhe faintly cried
Father for - give them please.

Repeat chorus

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