Words can never change
What our hearts have denied
And all the sweet memories
Won't bring the love back to life
And the more that we try
The more it's gonna make you see
No words, hopes, anything
Will bring back life to your dream
All night it took me to learn
Oh baby, baby how to say
This love just won't work
Just for once in my life
Do I wanna go with what's right
It's gone; we've got to move on
You know that's the truth - so do I

Sad boquets we save
Won't make up one sweet day
Throw the roses away

Don't need them anymore
Cause they just make you cry
If you let it go, let it go, let it go baby
You'll get some peace of mind
Only lonely for now
But you'll come back from the pain
Though l don't know if l'll ever find
Someone Iike you again


Words in my mind
Talk about you to me all the time
Oh why should just a rose
Have such a sad hold over our lives


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