The only consolation
In this situation
Is I know you're missing me
The way I'm missing you

I guess that you ain't sleeping
And the company you're keeping
They're all gonna offer you
Words of comfort too

Time will heal it
That's what they say
But I can't help but wish
Tomorrow was today

I've been doin' Heartbreak Time
And there's no two ways about it
When you're in, ya just can't doubt it
Doing heartbreak time
I've been doing Heartbreak Time
And though I keep believin'
It's my heart that I'm deceiving
Doin' Heartbreak Time

Maybe I'm just pretending
But I see a happy ending
Well I guess that's just like me
A fool in love you see
I can still recall the day
You said that you'd be mine to stay
The words that meant so much
Ooh, I miss your touch

And when you call me
I know what I wanna say
I can't help it
I wish it was yesterday


Though we may be parted
You still hold the key to my heart
And I'm locked away

I'm in my own world
Walking around and pretending you're still here
There's no two ways about it
I'm doing Heartbreak Time
My love was real
And now I feel like a man so blind
Yeah, I'm doin' time
Heartbreak Time

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