When I met you I should've been warned
Ooh I could see you change from day to day
But you kept me guessing
Playing for fun
What'll you do what would you say
Strange moods and jealous anger
A kind of passion that I can't explain
You're high strung, that's attraction
But your act is driving me away
(Guessing games) I don't wanna play those
Guessing game
(Don't wanna)
Please don't make me play'em no
(Guessing games)
I don't wanna play those
(Guessing games)

You gotta give me something to hold
That cute routine you got is wearing thin
So baby can you do it for yourself and for me
I don't wanna lose you, I want us to win
Strange moods jealous anger
That kind of passion that you can't explain
You're high strung that's a fact

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