Well I've been wearing a Gilded Lily
Cunningly carved in a manner frilly
To my design it was created
No deviation was tolerated
My Gilded Lily he think he funny
My Gilded Lily he worth cash money
My Gilded Lily he made me a smarty
I wore my Lily to all the right party go!
I was the envy of all the horde
I proclaimed myself overlord
My Gilded Lily gives all this and more
I puked my guts all over the floor
I found the entertainment banal, so,
Thru trenches of flesh we carved a canal
Lead harlequin then drew his last
He held a bejeweled theatrical mask
The door heaved and then exploded
We split the bill and drove home loaded
When we got there the paint was peeling
We rose on Jell-o cubes to the ceiling
I wear the Lily
Gaily festooned in a manner silly
Draped in apparel
I bathe in the smell
I gild the lily
Adroitly crafted yet willy nilly
I wear the Lily
When I party with Milli Vanilli
And soon the pleasure barges
Rolled with the sun, pleasantly bloated,
We mingled as one amidst debris of
Debauchery I looked for Lily and just found me
And all the while Gilded Lily faded
Though it was the best I'd created
But Gilded Lily was still in place

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