Horace Heidt
- written by Maria Grever and Raymond Leveen
- lyrics as recorded in New York City, February 10, 1938 by Guy Lombardo and
His Royal Canadians with vocals by Carmen Lombardo and The Lombardo Brothers

One night the moon was so mellow
Rosita met young Manuelo
He held her like this, this lovely miss
Then stole a kiss, this fellow

He said he was glad that he met her
And soon he would come and get her
But she said "No, no, I cannot go
Until I know you better"

Ti-pi-ti-pi-tin ti-pi-tin
Ti-pi-ti-pi-ton ti-pi-ton
He kept on a-stealing and he had a feeling she was satisfied
Ti-pi-ti-pi-tin ti-pi-tin

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