Teri yakimoto..
From tokyo..she came here for 90 days
By foreign exchange..
Teri yakimoto she barely speak my language
She’s a genius with a mohawk
If only we could talk

One day I asked her if she knew bruce lee
I think she thought he was in the offspring

Teri yakimoto I asked her out for a beef bowl
She brought her ball and shoes and glove
What was she thinking of?
Teri yakimoto she’s a japanese punk rocker
With a tattoo of godzilla and a tribal zig-zag man

We went to go see (? ? ) boy was she surprised
When they played rock n roll (? ? )
She got tears in her eyes...

Teri yakimoto in the back seat of my toyota
With the hatch up she hops on top
Teri never lets it stop

One day I asked her for a slice of pie
I think she thought I asked for some stir fry

The other day teri said mark go get a big mac
Then I had her walk on my...

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