All right Raphael
Put it on now
It's kind of cool
Takes a notion Raphael
You're not a runaway
You're not a fool
You picked the wrong night
Because she loves you
Because it's alright
She'd be a rule
You're not alone now
Just keep your cool
Got your ???
You got a tool

Yes I'm alright now Raphael
We go ???
We make a tool
You may come over
Not a sound
Well alright now Raphael

All of what you say is what you need
We have what you want
And what you come for

An adoration Raphael
I don't know you
It's kind of cool
I don't know you
So go to hell
Got your own sum
You're not a fool
Takes a notion
A sea of love
A constellation
It's coming true
Salvation Raphael
Just waiting
It's coming through

Raphael you took so long to come
Keep coming back to when you gonna pay me
We're going down to the hotel pool
It's gonna rain
And it's your lucky day Raphael

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