Pelted - I am gassed
On strengthening markets
My thoughts are a gas
I made it to runway
I'll make it to Airway - not to crash
Penetrating water and rock
And the rock echoes back
My thoughts are a gas

(Another Version)
Of lights who've faded out before here comes the same
When I'm coded from to much of what I can't describe
Kepat at bay in some regard despite what she wrote
I've been frozen in a site display where nothing amounts
To anything
Took a journey back to sometime just to find out
If I could locate another improbable passage way
Penetrate ? rock and the rock echos back
My thoughts are a gas
I'm not going to crash
Into anyone
And often asked
What do you know
Just what was handed down to me
Slip graciously in to the happy homes
Groping ? frequently opposed
Built this champion
Out of their own wasted flesh
Is this supposed to do that
Through it all I'll pass
Cause my thoughts are a gass
My thoughts are a gas
My thoughts are a gas

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