But, you ask, what about Gleemer? Well, here's my try:
It starts with G3 C3 D5 (all barre, the numbers are the frets for the
barre, DON'T play a D fifth). Then it goes to the verses:
G G* Em C
This G* is just a G with an F# (2nd fret, E string) in the bass, but I
can't play it with my thumb, so I hire a bassist. The chorus is the same,
and to get from the verses to the chorus, after the C go D C G and into the
chorus. I realize this probably makes little, if any, sense, but listen to
the album and you can probably figure it out (I actually got some help from
the Bevil Web version). I worked up a punk version of this with
powerchords, but it sounds really cheesy as a punk song, so don't try it at
From Dougie:
Actually on Gleemer, I would like to add the following....
INTRO: Cmajor9 with suspension....ok make a G chord...now move your 1st and
fingers down one (ie your 2nd finger which is on 2nd fret/5th string...
move it down to 2nd fret 4th string....OK?)
Song: I play the following G Bm Em D
Then when "The higher clouds" I play: G G/F#M Em C
Then when Toby sings "Could this be...": G C D
End Riff: String:6 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5
Fret :0 0 2 2 3 3 3 3 2 2 0
Try this riff anyway you would like...you could add String 6 Fret 4
instead of using S:6 and F:0...so start with S:6 F:2

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